March 10 & 11, 2020 – Houston, Texas
XRI Holdings, H2O Midstream & Crestwood Midstream Explain 
How Water Midstream Is Impacting Current E&P/Vendor Operating Dynamics
With E&Ps passing the baton to water midstream companies, produced water volumes are now starting to reside with midstream operators. Not only have water volumes changed hands, all associated risks related to SWDs and reservoir over-pressure has also been passed over to the midstream segment. But how is the evolving water midstream segment impacting the current operating dynamics between E&Ps, midstream and water servicing groups?

Representing the emerging water midstream sector at Oilfield Water USA > Invest & Manage 2020 is XRI Holdings’ President, John Durand, H2O Midstream’s SVP, Strategy & Analytics, Gauri Potdar and Crestwood Midstream’s VP, Business Development, Robbie McDonough. All three executives will be live on March 10 at 9:30am CST, addressing some of the most pertinent questions arising on all sides of the spectrum.
John Durand
XRI Holdings
Gauri Potdar
Senior Vice President, Strategy & Analytics
H2O Midstream LLC
Robbie McDonough
Vice President, Business Development
Crestwood Midstream
What will be up for discussion? 

  • How are midstream companies going to gather water and put in SWD wells as produced water volumes grow?
  • As midstream companies gather water from different operators, with different chemical constituents and qualities, how are they planning to maintain stringent quality standards?
  • For operators that have 12-16-inch pipelines within which different water qualities are mixing, how are they going to make sure operator X gets the exact water quality that operator X wants?
  • Who will be responsible for treating water? Will responsibility lie with the E&P or will the midstream companies be taking on treatment responsibilities before SWD water is passed from one operator to another?
  • Are midstream companies actively sourcing recycling/treatment partners? Will the midstream operator be able to sell treated water for fracs?
These are just some of the burning questions this panel will attempt to address, before the segment on key areas of strategy development: M&A, strategies for securing longer term contracts and portfolio diversification.

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