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Oil & Gas IQ is gearing up for this brand new webinar; 'The Ultimate Benefits of e-PTW: Making the move from paper to digital permit-to-work'.

Register today and secure a spot to learn how to minimize risk while improving safety, uptime, efficiency and compliance with an electronic permit-to-work system. Going live,  April 22 at 10:30am EST this exclusive webinar, with one of the industry’s leading experts on the challenges of the paper permit-to-work process will show you exactly how e-PTW:
  • Breaks down silos
  • Significantly improves compliance by ensuring all workflow steps and signatures are traceable and auditable
  • Supports standardization and continuous improvement
  • Uses accurate risk-based data to deliver intelligent action and influence positive safety behaviors
  • Makes tangible efficiency gains
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and incidents
  • Is simple to use for all stakeholders

Hope to see you online April 22nd!

The Oil & Gas IQ Team
In a world of ever evolving connected worker devices and technology there are no shortage of options for equipping field personnel with the ability to collect data and access information in the field. While device options are great, the biggest hurdle most organizations face when implementing effective operator rounds programs almost always ties back to user adoption..read more
In this interactive whitepaper you'll learn about:
  • Overcoming the challenge of achieving Digital Transformation
  • Creating transparency for your investments in business context
  • How to realize a clear roadmap for your innovations
  • Shifting software investment from CAPEX to OPEX
On April 27, join leading companies and over 500 process safety leaders online at Digital Process Safety Management and learn how to leverage digital and automation tools to better track and report safety data, meet compliance requirements, reduce administrative work and build a world class safety culture.
Discover how you can create fast and efficient workflows by utilizing a unified mobile platform. Join over 350 of your industry peers and learn how to leverage state-of-the-art, (but easily accessible!) data collection that can help connect your teams, share knowledge and reduce costs, errors and carbon footprint.
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